It’s not just data, it’s how you manage your team.
Enable sales force management through analytics of sales force behaviours.

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Manage Your Team To Success.

Sales management is about more than telling your team to get out there and sell more.

Visualise your team’s activities and success, refocus their activities and identify where they need support.

You cannot manage from your CRM.

Your CRM is great. No really.

You probably have all your customer contacts stored in there, you can see your deals and the size of your funnel. With all your deals in there, it’s probably great for forecasting.

Your CRM is not good for sales force management though.

To manage a sales force you need to understand how they operate in front of your customers, to see the meetings that don’t make it as far as a CRM entry.

Sales Pitch Pro analytics

The solution to sales management

More than your funnel

Too often sales management focuses on data stored within the CRM and trying to manage the size of the sales funnel. The problem with this is that the data in your CRM is only the tip of your Sales Intelligence iceberg.

Your CRM doesn’t tell you how well your sales team are pitching products, how well your product messaging is working or how well the cross sell. Sales Pitch Pro analytics gives you visibility over the sales activities that are happening right in front of the customer.

Detailed team analysis

Sales Pitch Pro measures the progress and success of every sales pitch made by your team. This is not CRM metrics, this is an analysis of the performance of your team during real customer facing sales meetings. This data is invaluable in refining your team’s skills and refocussing their efforts.

Slice and dice your data

Capturing data from every sales meeting allows you to focus in on exactly the areas you need to. Want to focus in on a specific vertical? Done. How about meetings just with senior managers in that vertical? Done.

Now, how about meetings just with those managers in a specific territory with a specific pain point? Done. You can analyse your sales teams performance in any scenario you like.

New product launches

Bringing a new product to market brings great opportunities but also great challenges, and if a launch doesn’t go as expected it’s essential to understand the root cause.

Sales Pitch Pro analytics can identify how a sales team could have taken a new product to market better, analysing how much focus the product had from the team, how well it was received by customers and what level of pull-through to quotes and evaluations a product has had.

Imagine a sales review where you recommend a team member has additional coaching on presenting a specific product to a specific market segment because you know they have less success with that pitch than others on the team.

That’s the Sales Pitch Pro difference.

Analyse, revise, refocus


Sales Pitch Pro analytics let you manage your sales team by setting real measurable actions based on behavioural and success analysis.

Typical sales management targets such as “increase your funnel” aren’t actions a sales person can work on, they are the outcome of a whole series of more in-depth actions and changes that a sales person should undertake.

Our analytics let you focus in on actions that a sales person can use to be more successful, for example by highlighting how they are too focussed on a specific vertical, or whether they are not making enough new contacts, or whether they need additional coaching or support to improve their delivery of a specific product pitch.

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