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Bringing a new product to market is a complicated endeavour requiring multiple business departments to work together in order to deliver a successful product launch. The sales force is often given the least amount of attention as product managers deal with marketing departments and last-minute product issues. Too many times the sales force is given a short product introduction presentation, a new set of brochures and expected to go out and sell. Sales Pitch Pro transforms the introduction of new products by ensuring that the sales force have everything they need to fully support and position new products.

How do you prepare for your first sales meeting with a new product? Typically a sales person will try to find a friendly customer they can take the product to where the relationship with the customer is strong enough that doesn't matter if the sales pitch is a bit faltering. There will be follow up meetings like this where the sales person can hone their skill with the new product.

But what happens if the new product offering is designed for a new market segment and doesn't overlap with existing customers? In that case, your sales team is trying to build a new relationship with a new customer, demonstrate their expertise and value to the customer while trying to perfect their knowledge of how to sell this new product. In that case, vital sales opportunities can be lost where the sales team doesn't have the existing credibility with the customer or the ability to sell the value proposition for their product.


A new product is just another product

Sales Pitch Pro uses Sales Intelligence data to help the sales team qualify opportunities and then pitch relevant products to the customer. As part of a new product introduction process for a business that has rolled out Sales Pitch Pro the creation of the Sales Intelligence data should be one of the gates that the process has to achieve.
As soon as the new product is ready for release Sales Pitch Pro will be ready to support the sales force as they identify customer opportunities and meet with customers. In this way, the new product is just the same as any other product, and Sales Pitch Pro will be able to identify the new product as a solution based on customer pain points and business drivers. 

Product benefits, USPs, sales collateral and other materials developed during the NPI process will be available directly to the sales person from within Sales Pitch Pro alongside competitive positioning information.
One questions product managers always ask of sales management when following a sales launch is: are the sales team really out there pushing it? Especially if the launch targets have not been met.

Using Sales Pitch Pro analytics sales management can identify how much effort has been spent by the team on the new product.
In cases where the product launch has not met expectations the analytics allow product management and sales management to examine why this has been the case. If the product value proposition has not resonated with the customer this will be visible and able to be addressed, if the sales collateral has not been generated a pull-through to being shared or a product evaluation requested this can be fed back to product marketing to be resolved. It's also possible to evaluate if the product is better received in specific market segments but needs revising in others. 


Early strategy revision increases launch success

As the Sales Pitch Pro analytics focus on customer facing meetings as opposed to using CRM data or order volumes the analytics are available immediately from when the sales team start meeting customers. Using other methods of analysis require the sales cycle to complete before any analysis can be made resulting in a delay of weeks or months before there is usable data. Using Sales Pitch Pro analytics strategy issues can be identified and changes made within the first days of a product launch.


Build Sales Pitch Pro into your NPI process

Building Sales Pitch Pro into your NPI process ensures that the sales team are ready to support any new product delivered to market, regardless of the target customer, the market segments, the go-to market strategy or the competitive positioning.

Ensuring the Sales Intelligence data is updated with new product offerings should be one of the gates for the process in order to ensure that the sales force are able to go out to the market and immediately qualify opportunities, pitch the new product, position against competition and close sales.