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complex product portfolios.  

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Enable The Qualification And Positioning Of Large Or Technical Portfolios.

Software assisted sales meetings with a single sales person can now include full opportunity qualification, identification of products across multiple divisions or business units and positioning of the product line to the specific customer in the meeting – all without requiring follow-up meetings or additional product specialist resources.

Customer requirements


Identified using built in Sales Intelligence targeted around specific verticals and customer roles. Products across the portfolio are identified based upon the customer drivers without the requirement for follow-up meetings with product experts.

Sell a full product portfolio


Customer specific product messaging is identified and delivered immediately allow the sales person to pitch full solutions from components across the product portfolio. Product synergies that deliver added customer value are described increasing product cross-selling.


Only 36% of your sales teams time is spent actively selling to customers

Maximising the impact your sales person has in the time they spend selling is essential

Identify the customer

Sales Pitch Pro identifies pain points and presents products and collateral specific to the market segment and the role of the customers in the meeting to ensure maximum sales success.

Find the pain points

Regardless of what you are selling, you are always selling to people. It is essential to listen to the customer and find out what their need is, what is it that is causing them to take the time out of their day to talk to you. With Sales Pitch Pro it is easy to find the customer pains.

Demonstrate value

Customers expect their suppliers to demonstrate value earlier than ever before. Sales Pitch Pro leverages knowledge of industry wide issues to educate the customer and position solutions to problems they may not even be aware of yet.

Introduce product

Sales Pitch Pro identifies the most appropriate products to pitch and shows the sales person how to position them, summarising the product features and benefits and the USPs.

Present the message

Sales Pitch Pro identifies and presents the most relevant collateral for the products being pitched, specific to the customer and the pain points. Using Sales Pitch Pro analytics the product messaging will be refined to leverage success stories and to ensure maximum pull-through to quotes and evaluations.

Cross sell the portfolio

Any product synergies across the portfolio will be presented in order to ensure the maximum value can be presented to the customer, regardless of which divisions within the business the product may be sourced from and without requiring follow-up assistance from product experts.

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