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Your Sales Tools Need To Evolve With Your Business Strategies

More businesses than ever are undergoing major evolution in their strategy, pivoting from being product focussed businesses to being services based businesses.

As these changes are pushed through the business the pressure on the sales force increases in many ways; from having increase the knowledge of new service based products


Your sales force has spent a lot of time and effort building their contact network.

They have customers invested in your product line that they want to go back to again and again for repeat business.

Transitioning to a new business model can feel like they are having to start again.

The biggest challenge can be understanding how to sell these new service product, which segments should be targeted, who they should be sold to and how they should be positioned. Sales Pitch Pro makes meeting the challenge of a completely new type of product portfolio much easier to meet.



Give your team the Sales Intelligence they need to position a whole new type of product portfolio.

Sales Pitch Pro makes it easy to present your new services based product portfolio. Based on the potentially new market segments being targeted and the roles within the customer organisation that are being sold to and the pain points they have, Sales Pitch Pro will present the most appropriate products to pitch.

Pitching the new products are easy as Sales Pitch Pro displays the product benefits and USPs to describe to the customer as well as identifying the most appropriate collateral to present.

If the customer talks about any competitive products they are considering Sales Pitch Pro will show rebuttals that can be used against them.


It’s all too easy for a sales team to fall back into selling legacy products to an existing customer base in order to meet sales targets, even though this won’t advance the new corporate strategy.Sales Pitch Pro analytics measure whether the team are targeting new market segments, making it easy to visualise whether the team needs to be given direction to spend more time attacking new verticals.

Even if the new product lines are targeted at existing customers or market segments it’s easy to measure how many of the new products are being pitched to customers.

The product mix visualisations show which products the team are presenting over time, so you can see when the number of pitches of legacy products reduce and the increase in attention given to new products and services.

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