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Sales training just in time
for your next meeting

The Sales Pitch Pro companion phone app enables the delivery of just-in-time sales training to sales people on the move.

Memory fades

The majority of training that a salesperson receives is specific to a situation such as the value can they bring to a customer market segment, knowing the buyer personas within that segment, knowing how to leverage industry trends to create the maximum customer value.

Much of this knowledge will not be used on a regular basis depending on customer interactions. As a result, the salesperson is likely to have forgotten a lot of that training, even if it was delivered just within a few months.

Situationally aware

Sales Pitch Pro delivers situationally aware training to salespeople on the move. So while travelling to the next customer meeting, the salesperson can listen to up to date training specific to the segment of the customer, and to the people they will be meeting, expanding on the qualification and presentation support provided by Sales Pitch Pro.