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    Do you know how your team works?

    Sales Pitch Pro analytics uses data from every meeting that your sales force have held using Sales Pitch Pro to analyse how your team are selling. From team overview data to granular analysis of each sales person.

    Does your product portfolio match the customer requirements?

    Analyse each of the customer verticals that you sell into to verify that their pain points match up with the products your team are pitching. Resolving any disconnect here will result in a higher sales closure rate.

    Are your pitches resonating?

    Measure how successful your team are at pitching product to customers. If your product pitches are not resonating with the customer so that they result in further presentation, product evaluation or quotes then you need to revise how you make the pitch!

    Granular analysis allows you to measure whether your pitch needs revising in just specific verticals or if individual team members need additional mentoring.

    Who are you selling against?

    You may know who your competitors are, but do you know which markets, customers or territories you are selling against them the most?

    Are they using different products in different markets? Do you need to revise your messaging within specific verticals to position yourself against a specific product?

    Answer these questions and more with Sales Pitch Pro analytics.

    Does your team need coaching?

    Use your sales reviews to identify coaching needs and develop individual action place.

    Identify if team members are outshining the rest of the team and use them to revise your sales pitch and provide coaching for the rest of the team, or identify where other members may need support. Identify the specifics your staff need help with, such as pitching a specific product to a specific market segment.

    Ready to use sales analytics to manage your team?

    How about looking at the effectiveness of your sales collateral?

    Monitoring the take up of a newly released product?

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