Leverage success data from across your sales team to drive
sales meetings with SAIL, the sales AI.

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“Can the finance manager join the meeting?”

SAIL is the only AI with you in a sales meeting. Monitoring the progress of the meeting and managing your meeting to success.

Say hello to SAIL, the sales AI.

The only member of your team not expecting commission.

SAIL makes recommendations to steer your meeting or customer, directing you to success

Meeting attendees

SAIL can recommend inviting other attendees to the meeting if their attendance has been seen to affect the chance of a successful pitch of a product.

Business drivers

Having the customer recognise other business drivers can not only increase your value to the customer but impact the effectiveness of your pitch. SAIL can advise on other drivers to put across to the customer.

Collateral presentation

Whether it be product overviews, data sheets, white papers or other types of sales collateral SAIL can recommend how to put your product messaging to the best use.

Cloud based, data driven.

Through analysis of data from across your sales force, SAIL predicts what you can do to have the biggest impact on the outcome of your meeting.

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