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Today's sales teams need to be versatile, dynamic and self-sufficient. Sales Pitch Pro pushes your sales team to be top of their game.

The Sales Pitch Pro app ensures opportunities qualification, identification and positioning of customer solutions and ensuring your value proposition is relevant to the customer.

Front Line opportunity qualification just got easy

The non-intrusive interface is easy to use in customer meetings, keeping your attention focused on the customer while being guided through the opportunity qualification.

Sales Pitch Pro App

Ideal for the outside sales person.
Unobtrusive, fast and easy to use in face to face sales meetings.

Sales Pitch Pro Desktop

Browser based interface.
Ideal for use by inside sales teams with remote customers.

SAIL, the front line sales AI

SAIL monitors the progress of your sales meeting and makes recommendations on how to best steer it for the best chance of success. Unobtrusive recommendations appear within the app, on a phone or even watch so you can quickly check the recommendation with a quick glance.

SAIL can recommend to invite other people to the meeting, to present specific collateral or to get the customer to recognise different business drivers.

Using data gained from other sales meeting across the entire sales team SAIL identifies exactly how to progress to success.

Automate sales admin

Integrate Sales Pitch Pro with your CRM to automatically create account, customer and meeting records
Improve CRM adoption and increase the quality of CRM data through standardised reporting templates.

Sales training just in time
for your next meeting

The Sales Pitch Pro companion phone app enables the delivery of just-in-time sales training to sales people on the move. Refreshing training knowledge while travelling to the next customer meeting, the salesperson can listen to up to date training specific to the segment of the customer, and to the people they will be meeting.

Enable sales team management

Visualise how your team are working, identify strategic objectives and ensure focus against these.
Measure how well individuals work in active sales meetings and identify granular coaching requirements.
Analyse the success of sales messaging specific to customer roles, market segments and product.


Accelerating revenue growth from new products and services


What does the future of sales look like?


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Sales Pitch Pro is delighted to announce we have today been notified that we are finalists for this years prestigious British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) organised by the Institute for Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).

We were so happy to find out that we're finalists in the BESMA awards 2017 that we have decided to give away 50 Sales Pitch Pro licenses to turbo charge one lucky sales team! If you want to upskill your sales team, reduce your sales cycles and boost revenues enter today.